The WIKiD Tools Algorithm

by Dan Robles on August 11, 2010

Once The Value Game is deployed using a generalized Curiosumé for each of the players, the WIKiD Tools Algorithm can measure into existence the intangible value flows that occur naturally in productive communities.  These value flows may me aggregated into financial instruments that would underwrite a modern currency.  

Data, information, Knowledge, Innovation, and Wisdom all occur naturally in communities and the source of all tangible and intangible value.   These are the engines of all human value creation far beyond what can be articulated with “Money”.  To measure WIKiD elements is to measure into existence a great deal of value that is currently invisible.  

The following video demonstrates how the interaction of the 5 WIKiD elements may be harnessed in a relatively simple algorithm that can generate valuation criteria for community production.


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