The world is faced with a financial crisis, not a value crisis.  

The problem is that social value is invisible to the financial system.

Suppose this flaw in Market Capitalism that could be easily corrected with a relatively simple game. 

The Value Game simply rearranges the pieces in the value creation process so that social value is accounted for in the existing financial system.

Today, There is more connectivity, more democracy, more transparency, and more education than nearly any other time in modern history.  The Value Game(s) makes it visible.

What Can We Do?

The Ingenesist project developed a new class of business methods that can be introduced by communities for the purpose of manufacturing social value.  Each application of the Value Game represents the foundation of a new company that literally makes money by creating social value. 

Who Are We?

The Ingenesist Project is a business development lab that interacts with a community of visionaries in the Seattle area and beyond to build and deploy value games to strategic communities.  The Ingenesist project seeks game developer co-founders to build new corporations built on The Value Game business method

Why is This Important?

All successful currencies must be able to store and exchange value. Social Media is becoming a very powerful tool for the storage and exchange of value.  But currently there is no reliable way to convert directly from financial currency to social currency, and vice versa.

The Value Game converts debt currency to innovation currency.

Financial currency is backed by debt.  Social Currency is backed by innovation.  

  • Debt is a promise backed by future productivity returns
  • Innovating is a promise backed by future productivity returns
  • Therefore, a currency backed by debt and a currency backed by innovation would be fully convertible with each other.