Thank you for visiting The Ingenesist Project.  Please consider joining us in the New Value Movement as we attempt to create the next level of economic development.  Your generous contribution will go a long way in helping us continue to produce research, lectures, videos, and application development.  The Ingenesist project is supported by many people in many ways so please feel free to contact us to discuss any assistance that you would like to offer.

2014: Project Proposal PDF: The Ingenesist Project Proposal

We have many projects that we would like to fund.  We have a strong community of builders in the Seattle area who motivated and capable of building the essential components of the New Value Movement.  Our primary goal is to build and integrate the following three products:

  • The personal knowledge inventory, an analog to digital converter for knowledge assets
  • a company that designs and deploys Value Games around any tangible or intangible asset
  • an algorithm for the capitalization and securitization of knowledge assets

In addition; We may be may be able to support your organization in many ways.

  • Conference Speaking / keynotes
  • Executive Consulting
  • Seminars: 4 – 8 hours
  • Blogging/ghost blogging
  • Community manager
  • Media Interviews
  • Expert / alternative opinions
  • Celebrity consultation

Value Games:

  • New Value Summary Business plans / custom value games
  • Engineering/Business/Social Media Strategy
  • Engineering/Business/Social Media Education
  • Construction and Aviation
  • Economic development

Blue sky projects

  • Seeking advance to write a book
  • Equity position in The Ingenesist project
  • Open Source The New Value Tools

Contract employment

I am willing to come on board with an organization as an Innovation Officer for a contract period if the work is consistent with both higher interests.