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The Social Value Game

October 19, 2010
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Most applications of game theory are controlled from in-house or deployed against a competitive landscape. The Value Game is deployed external to the corporation and in a cooperative landscape where rewards are given to those who organize people around a “highly leveraged product” in valuable ways.

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The Innovation Banker

September 22, 2010
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Together with the financial banking, these two system engage in the dance of the virtuous circle of innovation enterprise. Apart, they collapse into the swirling cesspool of eternal debt and infinite interest (pun intended).

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Calculus for Dummies and Capitalists

September 20, 2010
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everyone already knows Calculus, they solve differential equations all day long – they just don’t know that they already know

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The True Value Calculation

September 1, 2010

The True Value Calculation is the expanded ROI of a business venture which includes the positive and negative impacts on a much wider body of stakeholders in the sum total of viability.

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An IPO For Humanity

August 26, 2010

The Ingenesist Project tries to string this all together with just enough specificity so that an alternate financial system will jump start itself and become both visible and available to everyone.

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The Last Mile: Social Media Battleground

August 24, 2010

Nothing “Economic” can happen is Social Media until real people get together to build things. Sure, Marketers are trying their hardest to penetrate the last mile, but communities are trying to defend it too.

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Google CEO Warns of Information Armageddon

August 21, 2010

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Google CEO Eric Schmidt warns of the future consequences of social media and networks, and the vast amount of personal data that users put out there on the Web.

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War Is A Social Agreement

July 15, 2010

People have a deep seated unease with what the dollar is and what the dollar represents. To escape the dollar is to escape a tangle of influence that impacts everything we say, do, and think about ourselves and about each other. It almost seems that to escape the dollar is to escape ourselves.

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Stock Harmony; Exchange of Social Value

July 14, 2010

So this is what makes Stock Harmony interesting. The successful “next currency” will be the one which best represents human productivity.

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The Secret Weapon of Social Capitalism

July 9, 2010

Take note that debt can reach infinity but austerity measures can only reach zero … you can do the math on a postage stamp. If there ever was a need for a secret weapon, it is now.

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