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The All You Can Eat Option

May 9, 2012
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These strategies are commonplace on Wall Street but a statistical construct for their deployment on Main Street may be emerging. New “platforms” will arise which produce and aggregate data in the right format to support an options type of instrument for the trade or exchange of any number of goods and services in a non-cash environment.

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Where Teachers Hold an Equity Position

October 19, 2011
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Harvard University certainly holds and equity position in their students – notably the famous ones. What if every community viewed every child as an asset instead of a liability?

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Tattle-Tale Economics

October 2, 2010
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Social Media has become another casualty of the broken financial system where people fight for artificial scarcity. It is no longer a means to empower and enlighten, it is becoming another means to exploit and oppress.

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Outsourcing Fail

September 28, 2010
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If you take away one of the components, the others become worthless. If you destroy one component, the entire structure could fail.

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The Innovation Banker

September 22, 2010
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Together with the financial banking, these two system engage in the dance of the virtuous circle of innovation enterprise. Apart, they collapse into the swirling cesspool of eternal debt and infinite interest (pun intended).

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How Obama Will Save The World

September 16, 2010

Through some secret signal, all of the World’s money barons will come together and agree to simultaneously lop off three zeros (000) from all financial balance sheets. This will effectively reboot the world economy.

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The Definition Of Innovation Must Change

August 30, 2010

Most good ideas can’t find a place to be profitable in a silo, so they are scrapped. This is not the fault of talent or the idea, but invariably, both are lost.

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An IPO For Humanity

August 26, 2010

The Ingenesist Project tries to string this all together with just enough specificity so that an alternate financial system will jump start itself and become both visible and available to everyone.

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Social Capitalism and The Innovation Bond

August 18, 2010

It follows to reason that all of the innovation that could return somewhere between 10% and 1000% goes largely un-capitalized. Now, suppose that an innovation bond were to come along which produces a risk adjusted return of, say only, 15% per year denominated in a fungible currency, investors would seek refuge in the Innovation Bond.

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War Is A Social Agreement

July 15, 2010

People have a deep seated unease with what the dollar is and what the dollar represents. To escape the dollar is to escape a tangle of influence that impacts everything we say, do, and think about ourselves and about each other. It almost seems that to escape the dollar is to escape ourselves.

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