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An Analog To Digital Converter For Knowledge Assets

January 21, 2015

Curiosumé is an analog to digital converter for knowledge assets. The single most destructive characteristic of the Market Capitalism is the dependence on resources extracted from the Earth to fuel constant economic growth. Natural resources are finite while constant growth model is infinite.  There are several ways to manage this disparity; the first is to […]

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Introduction To Curiosumé

September 13, 2014

(Editors note:  We are publishing the documentation and tutorial for the Curiosumé application for review and comment) Introduction To Curiosumé Curiosumé is an open source specification for the analog-to-digital conversion of knowledge asset objects.  Designed as a system to replace the résumé as a means for describing the interests, skills, and abilities of people, things, […]

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Global Knowledge Asset Inventory

May 24, 2013

Before I write this blog post, what does this image mean to you?

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The Accounting System Hack

August 22, 2012

Students and teachers do not compete with each other and therefore intermediate levels represent various degrees of collaboration, not competition. The teacher bias represents supply of knowledge and student bias represents the demand for knowledge, this establishes a trade vector in our proto economy.

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How Collaboration Distorts Markets

May 7, 2012
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We now need to recognize the importance in which we formulate this public asset. If we do it right, astonishing value will be released. If we do not, the invisible hand of capitalism will remain, well, invisible. As such, “distorted” would be an improvement.

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89% Are Already OWS

November 23, 2011

99% of Americans don’t have a game that they can win playing by the rules imposed on them by the other 1%.  But in order to keep this game in play, that 1% utterly depends on the remaining 89% who still have jobs to show up for work and do as they are told. The […]

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Plenty of Work But Where Is The Knowledge?

October 21, 2011
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Mixing diverse combinations of knowledge assets, and not all common knowledge assets, accelerates the process of Innovation. Think of all the music that is yet to be created for lack of musicians to play the different instruments.

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Where Teachers Hold an Equity Position

October 19, 2011
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Harvard University certainly holds and equity position in their students – notably the famous ones. What if every community viewed every child as an asset instead of a liability?

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Supply and Demand for Knowledge Assets

October 12, 2011
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If we follow the Wall Street accounting model, the supply and demand for knowledge assets are cast against the factors of production; land, labor, and capital. What happens when technology, knowledge and social media replaces land, labor, and capital

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Reverse Economics And True Value Social Games

November 11, 2010
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With a high velocity and frictionless payment processing system, the economy should be able to operate in “reverse” just as easily – if not better than – it operates in so-called “forward”. Here is why:

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