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Where Teachers Hold an Equity Position

October 19, 2011
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Harvard University certainly holds and equity position in their students – notably the famous ones. What if every community viewed every child as an asset instead of a liability?

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It Is Time To Evolve

October 4, 2011
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This is a very easy problem to solve and we have all the cards waiting to be stacked in our favor using the tools that are right in front of our collective noses.

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Virtual Hub And Spoke System

July 26, 2011
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The organization of people it figuratively (with G+) and literally (with corporations) is the exact same thing. This will become obvious when people discover the necessity to organize their selves into productive communities. But why wait – we can, and we will use social media to form a new system of social organization.

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Printing Social Currency; Influence vs. Intentions

December 29, 2010
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The heat is on to discover a new currency. Everyone is pretty much resigned to the fact that the dollar – and indeed most global currency – is irreversibly divorced from actual productivity

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The 3 Steps To Social Profits

November 29, 2010
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Nothing Economic can happen until two or more people get together to build something. Social Profit is like a fungible option with a face value. If structured correctly, an option can have a face value equal to the difference between discount and full price.

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America’s Uncivil War

October 30, 2010
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I am terrorized by the notion that Americans will turn against Americans. The problems facing this nation are so complex, so controversial, and so far reaching into the past and the future that it is unlikely that any intelligent person is more qualified than any other intelligent person to hold the highest office. Barrack, Hillary, Sarah, John, would all have the same pressures pushing back on every move leading them down 95% similar paths. None could be better and none could be worse – we’re officially in this together.

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Of Anxiety and Optimism

September 30, 2010
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Most people feel that a huge change is underway. Most people feel deep in their hearts that whatever we are doing today will be different tomorrow. Most people feel a strange combination of anxiety and optimism.

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Outsourcing Fail

September 28, 2010
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If you take away one of the components, the others become worthless. If you destroy one component, the entire structure could fail.

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The Innovation Banker

September 22, 2010
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Together with the financial banking, these two system engage in the dance of the virtuous circle of innovation enterprise. Apart, they collapse into the swirling cesspool of eternal debt and infinite interest (pun intended).

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Social Vetting Makes Knowledge Tangible

September 15, 2010

While the progression may not be noticeable, there will be a tipping point where the medium has built enough trust that it can support a currency. This new currency needs to be only a little bit more “trustworthy” than the currency it will replace. This is the point where knowledge becomes tangible.

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