Introducing Intrinsic Coin

August 15, 2015

From Wiktionary: INTRINSIC Nothing economic can happen until two or more people get together and build something useful.  In a global human network that is facing global constraints, the core function of the economy must be to find each other.  This is made extremely difficult by the existing “factors of production” that now classify and […]

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The Future Is Common Knowledge

February 26, 2015

Image Credit Few people recognize the true economic potential of Wikipedia. Obviously, Wikipedia is an important resource for individuals and profit making companies.  It would take Billions of dollars to recreate it from scratch. But the true value of Wikipedia does not end here. Wikipedia is a really huge set of interconnecting nodes – a […]

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The New Definition Of Social Capitalism

July 22, 2014

About 3 months ago, I received a cryptic email from what sounded like a war-weary Wikipedia Editor pinned down in the trenches by enemy cross-fire.  His message was stark;  Wikipedia will delete “Social Capitalism”, you are in the best position to save it”. Since the dawn of Social Media, many people in the Social Capital […]

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Reorganizing In The Era Of Social Capitalism

July 8, 2014

apitalism is evolving. Society needs to reorganize itself to trade “abundant intangibles instead of scarce tangibles”.  Then, all the decentralized innovations currently coming online can truly integrate.….and, everything will change. Reorganizing In The Era Of Social Capitalism: This 16 minute video describes a method for intangible assets to be made tangible in an accounting system […]

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New Value Movement Session Primer

August 4, 2012

Again, thank you for your time, effort, experience, and intellect participating on this panel. Regular blog readers: please continue to leave comments or connect with me to get involved with the New Value Movement.

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With Respect To Time

May 18, 2012
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Yesterday’s post “This is what I believe” I make the following 4 statements: Information is proportional to the rate of change of data with respect to time Knowledge is proportional to the rate of change of information with respect to time Innovation is proportional to the rate of change of  knowledge with respect to time […]

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This Is What I Believe

May 17, 2012
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My singular objective and greatest aspiration is to make “intangible” value tangible. I am confident that my children – and yours – will know what to do next.

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Goodbye University Hello Multiversity

March 9, 2012
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The miracle of capitalization and securitization have created relatively extraordinary levels of prosperity on Earth compared to historic social structuring. The ability to capitalize and securitize knowledge assets (instead of classical land, labor, and capital) is likely the next economic paradigm…if not the only economic paradigm.

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Ideas Are The New Currency

December 20, 2011
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The degree to which society actually produces the things that society actually needs, the new economy should not look much different. The degree to which society does not actually need the things that capitalism produces, great new ideas will emerge.

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Plenty of Work But Where Is The Knowledge?

October 21, 2011
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Mixing diverse combinations of knowledge assets, and not all common knowledge assets, accelerates the process of Innovation. Think of all the music that is yet to be created for lack of musicians to play the different instruments.

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