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TVG: The Value Game

A New Class of Business Methods The Value Game (TVG) is a new class of business methods where value is extracted from an asset, not by consuming the asset, rather, by preserving the asset.  The process of preservation and maintenance is the substrate for the creation of social, creative, and intellectual capital in a community.  […]

The Value Game Corrects Market Distortion With Intangibles

(The Value Game is a powerful tool for deploying Intangible Capital to distorted, corrupt, or dysfunctional markets.  The following case study describes a current project that our team has won against substantial mainstream competition.  This case study is about real money, real projects, real people and real markets where the Value Game converts social capital […]

The Value Game For University Outreach

Over time, the University will become the physical “Search Engine” for data, information, knowledge, innovation, and wisdom in a community. The University can now deploy this wisdom to their own internal programs and curricula as well as becoming an external reference source for government, industry, and economic development.

The Value Game Primer

The Ingenesist Project is currently building Value Games for clients in aviation, construction, education, affinity groups, and social service communities. Please let us know how we can serve your New Value creation enterprise.

The Value Game

The Value Game

The Value Game (TVG) introduces a new class of business plans that will help communities to articulate social capital, creative capital, and intellectual capital toward the production of goods and services.  The earliest versions were developed in a international education project in Mexico under NAFTA (1996-1997), and at The Boeing Company (1998-2008).  More recently, Social […]

The Value Game Plays The Valley Game

The Value Game is a new class of business methods designed to specifically create social value. The rules of the Value Game are very simple. The Game Starts and Ends with money but all of the new value created in the game is denominated in Social Currency.

Watching The Birds Play The Value Game

Deregulation undermined point-to-point service regardless of market demand, ignoring social objectives of the passengers, having no regard for the final destination of the passengers, and blowing off the “time-value” of their passengers.

How To Play The Value Game

The Value Game is a new class of business methods that converts financial currency into social currency and vice versa.   The benefits of the Value Game are innumerable since social currency is the only true alternate means of storage and exchange for value that can hedge a weakening dollar. The rules of the game are […]

The Value Game Cracks the Monetization Paradox

The Value Game is becoming increasingly generalized as more entrepreneurs seek to learn how to apply it to new economic realities. The first company to launch is Social Flights. Quickly funded, in full operation, booking jets and signing contracts, the Social Flights success trajectory has been truly remarkable.

A 100 Billion Dollar Value Game

100 billion dollars is the amount of money on the game table being adjusted, pooled, and diversified against risk exposures. The value game causes the “plays” to be modified by any of the players. When hedged with Real Estate valuation, liquidity can be substantial for all of the players changing incentives strongly in favor of collaboration rather than competition.

A Value Game For The Aerobics Instructor

The Value Game is important because it allows entrepreneurial business plans that would not normally be viable under a purely monetary model, become highly viable when intangible Social Value (New Value) is added to the bottom line.

A Grand Central Value Game

With the advent of Social Media and collaborative gaming technologies, “Value Games” may be created to solve many of the world’s most complex problems while also releasing vast amounts of value to a social system simply by reorganizing the same players on a three dimensional playing field.

Reverse Economics And True Value Social Games

With a high velocity and frictionless payment processing system, the economy should be able to operate in “reverse” just as easily – if not better than – it operates in so-called “forward”. Here is why:

Social Value: The Aerobics Game

The Social Value Index compares the cost/benefit of the non-integrated advertising model with the cost/benefit of the socially integrated model of community benefit. The Social Value Index rewards this store for enabling entrepreneurs in exchange for loyal repeat customers. The Social Value Index favors this instructor for being knowledgeable and supportive of her community and available health resources.

The Social Value Game

Most applications of game theory are controlled from in-house or deployed against a competitive landscape. The Value Game is deployed external to the corporation and in a cooperative landscape where rewards are given to those who organize people around a “highly leveraged product” in valuable ways.

The Game of Zero

The Game of Zero was developed in order to populate the knowledge inventory. The purpose of GOZ is to introduce a constraint to Curiosumé which produces an equal amount of supply and demand for knowledge assets. The reason for this is to incentivise the formation of a market between and among knowledge asset holders. (The […]

BidPool Adjudicated Smart Contract Game

Problem:  Many contractors say that their COGS (cost of goods sold) consumes 10-30% of their expenses. Obviously, this cost is passed on the customer.  Bidding can be made far more efficient with BidPool Adjudicated Smart Contract Gaming platform. For example: 5 contractors may spend $10K bidding on a 1 million dollar project that only one will win. […]

New Value Movement Session Primer

Again, thank you for your time, effort, experience, and intellect participating on this panel. Regular blog readers: please continue to leave comments or connect with me to get involved with the New Value Movement.

A New Conversation About New Value

Most people who know me, understand my tendency to go into “Professor Mode”; or deep dive into the Calculus of financial instrumentation; or just geek out on macro-sustainability issues.  Communicating to the public about what we can and should do next, is NOT my specialty. To this, I trust my friends. In celebration of friendships, […]

The New Value Tool

The New Value Tool May become an important system for analyzing existing ventures for optimum social value creation as well as predicting how collections of knowledge assets in a community can optimize their social value in collaboration with each other.

New Value And The Future Of Money

Now, what happens if we turn that concept into a means of producing the things that people really need instead of producing things that people don’t really need? What happens when people interact around a shared asset – either tangible or intangible – will they work to preserve the asset or consume it?

The New Value Movement

Please join us as Dr. Vanderbilt skillfully weaves the ideas, needs, and predictions of this extraordinary combination of panelists into a unique and more complete view of the great opportunities that await on the horizon of this unprecedented financial revolution.

The Raw Material of Social Org Games

When a person states their intention to fly to a distant place, this creates immensely valuable data. Such information is highly specific and even quite intimate because people share their hopes, dreams, and aspirations when they meet, travel, learn together.

The Game and The Counter-Game

The Value Game does not kill the Financial Game, rather, it challenges, corrects, and improves it. The Value game has reached a critical milestone – it has been funded in dollars by investors.

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