Most people who know me, understand my tendency to go into “Professor Mode”; or deep dive into the Calculus of financial instrumentation; or just geek out on macro-sustainability issues.  Communicating to the public about what we can and should do next, is NOT my specialty. To this, I trust my friends.

In celebration of friendships, we are coming together around the conversation of The New Value Movement and the a plan to launch an open source development project that will facilitate an alternate economy backed by so-called “intangibles”. If you will be in the Seattle Area on this date and have a deep knowledge or interest to share in this subject, please contact me through this blog post.  Thank you


A New Conversation About New Value

The New Value Movement is a worldwide meme that recognizes that not all valuable things can be articulated with dollars – and that vast stores of value remain economically invisible as so-called “intangibles”.  These include social, creative, and intellectual capital as well as environmentally sustainable enterprise.

A New Class of Business Methods

The Ingenesist Project is developing a new class of business methods and metrics that convert intangible assets into tangible assets, which then become visible in an alternate economic system in an expanded form of currency:

  • Curiosumé – An analog to digital converter for knowledge assets
  • The Value Game – A novel business method for converting intangibles to tangible
  • WIKiD Tools – The capitalization and securitization of New Value ‘currencies’

A new Conversation about financial systems

This 3-hour meeting seeks to develop a narrative that will bring the possibility of the New Value Movement to a broader audience.  Secondary, this narrative seeks to attract the development community to participate in an open-source development project that could augment the existing financial system of value scarcity with one of value abundance.

Meeting of the minds

We are seeking 10-12 people with knowledge in relevant areas to help us set the course for an alternate economic system backed by New Value Currency.  Please consider sharing your intellect, creativity, and wisdom with this important project.  Some familiarity with ZGE is requested (and can be provided in advance).

For more information about The Ingenesist Project:

Please visit our website , visit our YouTube Channel, visit our blog, or review the site map for various articles and videos related to the “New Value Movement”.   Feel free to contact me through this blog for a review of ZGE

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6:00 – 9:00 PM

The Hub Seattle

Temp Location: @BGI Seattle Campus

Please RSVP