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Community Currency Systems

MAC2Community Currency Systems are not new, in fact, they preceded the current financial system by, say, 50,000 years. The focus of this blog resource is to investigate all currencies and reflect them upon the image of a vast new technological breakthrough called social media.

Our hope is to discover, specify, and influence the formation a new financial system that allows communities to trade among each other for basic goods and services before, during, and after the “reboot” of our current economic system.  We are optimistic that the current economic system will ebb in favor of a next economic paradigm that reflects social priorities as a means of meeting Wall Street Priorities. We’ll be posting several articles on the subject in the coming days.

Here are some of the earlier resources to get you started on local currency and other aspects of community economics.  I like the early systems because their rationale was independent of more recent influencers such as 9/11, TARP, GWB, etc.

Hometown Money Starter Kit Ithaca Money
Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency, 100pp. By Paul Glover, 1995.

Explains step-by-step start up and maintenance of a local currency barter system. Includes forms, laws, articles, procedures, and samples of Ithaca’s HOURS. They’ve sent the Kit to over 300 communities in 45 states.

LANDSMAN Community Services
1660 Embleton Cres.
Courtenay, BC V9N 6N8, Canada

Start-up information for LETS (Local Economic Trading System), a computer barter system trading Green Dollars, invented by Michael Linton.

New Money for Healthy Communities
Tom Greco;

Box 42663, Tucson, AZ. 85733 (
$15.95 plus $2.00 shipping

The first book about the main benefits and types of local currency.

E. F. Schumacher Society
The E. F. Schumacher Society |  140 Jug End Road  |  Great Barrington, MA 01230 USA
TEL 011.413.528.1737  |  FAX 413.528.4472  |

Initiated Berkshares and store notes, promotes “small is beautiful” economics with its newsletter, and maintains a library.

Here are a bunch more – excuse duplicates – I am still reviewing them myself.  Thanks

  • Ithaca HOURS
  • BerkShares!
      Local Currency launched September 29, 2006 by the E.F. Schumacher Society in their local community.
  • LETSystems
  • E.F. Schumacher Society
  • Time Dollar Institute
  • Reinventing Money

    Community Information Resource Center

  • Community Currencies in Asia, Africa and Latin America
  • The Gigafree Network Listing of Barter Exchanges Worldwide
  • Global Barter Network in Argentina
      This is an article entitled- The rise and fall of the great bartering network in Argentina, November 2, 2002
      At the World Social Forum, a dynamic workshop on creating this “Social currency,” took place. At the time the model had evolved organically from one woman with too many pumpkins, to a government supported network of over 400,000 people in many countries.
  • Bernard Lietaer
      Author of The Future of Money: Beyond Greed and Scarcity.
      The book will be published in German in September 1999.
      English is most likely in Spring 2000.
  • Main Street Cash – Community Currency
  • Prosperity– Freedom From Debt Slavery
    The Bromsgrove Group

      • …make Money Reform a big issue — that is, to bring the debt-free money proposal into the political debate, and to put Money Reform firmly on the political agenda. We spread the message that the money system is unjust, that it can be reformed, and that this is urgent. We have the solution, we deal with the technicalities and we emphasise spreading the word and organising for change.
    • Their aim is to:

  • Money – Past, Present & Future
      Sources of Information on Monetary History, Contemporary Developments, and the Prospects for Electronic Money
      This is a brilliantly organized site with a wealth of information from ancient times, to insight into the shady derivatives scandals yet to come…
  • Fourth Corner Exchange
  • Barataria
      Developing local exchange trading systems between businesses, public institutions and socially oriented third-system enterprises in Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam and Madrid.
  • Community Currency in Thailand
  • Friendly Favors
      A friendly way to account for the favors we do for each other, Friendly Favors is a new model of community currency located, but not restricted to, the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Ukiah Hours
  • Open Money
      The website of Jean-Francois Noubel who has begun applying his work on Collective Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness to the monetary system. He hopes to seed technology allowing the flourishing of community or complementary currencies which will facilitate the transformation from a debt based, hierarchical, dysfunctonal system towards a sufficient, transparent, cooperative, evolutionary, life serving system.
  • Story of a Lost Civilization
  • The Chaordic Alliance
  • The American Monetary Institute
    Actively holding monetary reform conferences on a yearly basis since 2005, the AMI has labored to refine The Monetary Reform and Financial Security Bill which should be introduced into Congress this year.

  • Institute for Economic Democracy
  • Global Reserve Bank
  • Community Currencies
      A positive, possible, practical, and fun way to help birth the 21st century
  • Muriel E. Mobley’s Work on Money
  • Green Money Network
      The Founder of a LETS system in London, who has been actively promoting monetary reform in London, Sabine McNeill’s interesting site.
  • Global Exchange
  • 50 Years Is Enough-U.S. Network For Economic Justice
      The U.S. coalition of 205 groups committed to making international financial institutions democratic and accountable to those who have to live with the effects of their policies and practices.
  • The Simultaneous Policy
      Transformation of the international economy such that it operates in a manner more compatible with the global natural environment and with the needs of human nature. Firstly, the re-regulation of global financial markets and transnational corporations such that genuine democracy can be restored to nation states…
  • Genuine Freedom
      An excellent online book and articles by Matt Engelman which looks at social control mechanisms, the global monetary system, the media, wars and depressions, corporations, fear, respect, responsibility, creativity, empowerment, freedom. I think it is a testimony to the transformative power of truth.
  • Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens
      Acknowledging and educating about the destructive flow of currency around the globe, ATTAC seeks to reduce the damage by implementing a small tax on foreign exchange transactions that could be used to meet the most urgent human and environmental needs.
  • Beyond the Matrix-Find Silvio Gesell
  • Hazel Henderson
      Author, Independent Futurist, Activist
      Hazel Henderson’s Library
      Attn: Brenda Gale
      P.O. Box 5190, St. Augustine, FL 32085
      904/826-0325 (fax)
  • Love or
  • The Gift Economy
      A portal towards understanding the Gift Economymoving us away from hierarchical, inequitable exchange systems towards respectful, cooperation.
  • Catherine Austin Fitt’s Solari
  • John Turmel’s Global Online Unilets
  • Max Keiser’s website– highly recommended.
  • Bear-River-Dollar
      One man is taken with the idea of Community Currency and has a novel approach to spread the idea, (But I don’t think he quite has figured out the nuts and bolts, yet.)
  • Norfed- The Liberty Dollar
      This silver backed currency has done much to educate people of the flaws in our existing monetary system. While I don’t believe in silver/gold/or oil backed currencies on principle, to help us transition from where we are now to where we want to go, The Liberty Dollar has a role to play.


Building The Social Economy


Community Currency; Ithaca Hours

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