Factors Of Production For The Crypto Economy

One of the more interesting definitions and implications of BitCoin comes from Stephan Molyneux in this video.  His key points include:

1. Definition of BitCoin: a protocol for the synchronization of information.

2. The BitCoin block chain ledger can contain ANY information such as contracts, user agreements, DNA sequence, Patents, time stamps, contingency claims, even other crypto-currencies, etc, etc, … via scripts.

3. The greatest innovations will be in the development of these scripts as society re-organizes itself displacing banks, lawyers, conflict, and poverty to more productive enterprise.

With the reinvention of money comes the reinvention of productivity.  Each and every person now has the ability to become their own “corporation” by creating scripts that embed knowledge in the form of a tangible asset.   

The Ingenesist Project has been working in this area for a long time and we will unveil Curiosumé at the Future of Money and Technology Summit in San Francisco on December 9, 2013. The following images explain the Curiosumé protocol.


FOM&T Promo 1.1

FOM&T Promo 2







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