Father Christmas

Greg Lake’s Christmas song I Believe In Father Christmas has always been one of my favorites. By the Magic of YouTube, I found this video from 1975. This was close to the time that the Vietnam War had ended.

This video really caught me by surprise in it’s reverence, then darkness, and then joy – in 3 minutes. On further research, I had no idea how controversial the song was.  While some called it anti-religous, others called it a stand against materialism. Such diversity of action and reaction is the definition of an Art form.  For this we celebrate.

And to think that each and every one of us has the same power to communicate our vision that rock stars still dreamed of 35 years ago. May we learn how to use it wisely.

Greg Lake stated that it sometimes brings some strange reactions. Some people have said it’s anti-religious… but in reality it’s really about objecting to the commerciality of Christmas and trying to remind people basically ‘the Christmas you get you deserve.’ It’s all about giving; it’s the joy of giving. That was the real intention of the song.

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