Two Types of Leaders

There are two types of Leaders in the World.  The first type elevates themselves by standing on the shoulders of others.  The second type elevates themselves by elevating the people around them.

The first type of leader gets ahead much faster but often produces unsustainable conditions.  The second type takes much longer to get ahead, but creates a solid foundation for much greater growth and benefit to the community.

Follow the speculator

This is often the difference between the entrepreneur and the speculator.  The entrepreneur will scour the earth looking for resources to elevate from a low level of productivity to a higher level of productivity.  The speculator simply looks for volatility and instability so that they can place bets for or against the success of the entrepreneurs.

Social media aggregation services and search engines are very good at analyzing followers and using the quantity of followers as a proxy for leadership.  They are not, however, very good at identifying leaders any more than they can identify empathy, kindness, and courage.

Leaders follow leaders….

The next paradigm of economic development will be an innovation economy characterized by social aggregation and search devices that identify both types of leaders in a community. Once visible, an entrepreneurial community, by definition, will reject the first type of leader and elevate the second type to a level of higher productivity.

…not followers

The Ingenesist Project specifies the structure of an innovation economy where human knowledge is tangible outside the construct of the Wall Street.  All of the functions of a corporation can soon be duplicated in social networks enabled by social media.  We are very close to this day.  One of the critical evolutionary steps will be to identify and segregate the leaders from the speculators. This simply cannot be accomplished if preoccupied with watching followers.