force field_bigThe interior exterior:

Force Field Analysis in Social Sciences analysis reflected on how things are accomplished or hindered by the way that people internalize external experiences in the process of their own psychological development.

Now, suppose that an individual goes out and influences social situations in their community.  Also suppose that social media could amplify the persons exterior impact – this would likewise impact internal psychology, etc., setting up a form of polarity between two positions.  The greater the difference (diversity) in those positions, the greater the potential (energy state) of the outcome.

The “Local Social” Force Field

I met with some old friends yesterday.  He’s an professional engineer and she is a psychologist.  They are also winemakers and very active members of the local Rotary club. She sits on 3 local boards from children’s museum, to local hospital, symphony, etc.  He is a tireless volunteer for several charitable organizations and runs a Haiti Earthquake relief project.  At least one of them is mentioned in the local paper several times per year.

They Show up.

These types of folks constantly cross paths in a small city and become friends and collaborators. They buy each other’s raffle tickets and auction items at the fund raisers.  They laugh easily and heartily.  They are generous with their time. They always have something interesting and insightful to say.  They are constantly offering to make a connection, facilitate an introduction or offer a up tidbit of inside information to the newcomer.

Now, they are slowly migrating to Facebook.

What the heck do they need social media for?  They don’t need to expand their reach.  They don’t need to market themselves.  They don’t need to build a community – they are community.  They don’t need to have a blog to establish themselves as experts or sell a “10 steps” book, or insulate themselves from public opinion.

Something entirely different is happening.

Social media is about to enter a new phase called “local social”.  The hyperlinks that bind the web will become the hyperlinks that bind a community.  The difference is that hyperlinks in “Global Social” environment converge down to specific information, Hyperlinks in Local Social will diverge up to diverse knowledge assets.

For example; The local engineer’s blog will share links with the winemaker’s blog, the community college blog, the mayor’s blog, the chamber of commerce blog, the dentist’s blog, the insurance agent’s blog, the banker’s blog, … etc.

Social media will produce extraordinary results in “Local Social” by picking up where the traditional economy is faltering.  Local social rewards high integrity and punishes low integrity. Local Social will drive fraud prevention, security, job creation, innovation diffusion, asset allocation, wealth distribution, community activism, entrepreneurism, and social services. The Local Social forcefield creates, stores, and exchanges real value.

This is not a social networking event, oh, no, no, no.  Nothing ever happens until people get together and build something.  The new economic paradigm is not a social network, it’s a social forcefield. Get in it or stay out of the way.