The following video series provides specification of Social Capitalism as a modern social system distinct from Market Capitalism.

Social Media As a Corporate Structure (2:20)

Predictions 2020 (3:44)

Last Mile of Social Media (1:19)

The Value Game (12:17)

Definition of Innovation: (2:58)

Algorithm For The Monetization of Social Capital (5:36)

Tangible Knowledge; The Holy Grail of Finance (1:13)

The Knowledge Inventory; You Can’t Make a Bet Without Odds (5:20)

The Rallod; A Social Currency (1:40)

Social Currency; The Scarce Commodity is Time (3:53)

Innovation Bank Vs. Financial bank (2:13)

The Securitization and Capitalization of Knowledge Assets

(Coming Soon)

Additional Specifications:

The Articles below outline the structure of an innovation economy built on a platform of Social Media:

The Next Economic Paradigm; Part 1

The Next Economic Paradigm; Part 2, Currency

The Next Economic Paradigm; Part 3: Knowledge Inventory

The Next Economic Paradigm; Part 4: Institutions

The New Economic Paradigm; Part 5: The Entrepreneurs

The New Economic Paradigm; Part 6: The Business Plan

The New Economic Paradigm: Part 7; Monetization of Knowledge Assets

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