local socialThe two forces among us.

One is a social media culture enabled by the Internet to span the globe, cross all oceans, and reach nearly 20% of the population of the Earth. Wow.

The other is much older, much larger, and far more powerful. It is a social media culture that spans the neighborhood, unites communities, and organizes society.  This one reaches 100 percept of the people on Earth.  Now, this too is being enabled by the Internet.  Wow.

Think globally act locally…or is it think locally and act globally?

Global Social and Local Social each have a different focus, different vetting mechanisms, different advantages and often disadvantages.  Each has different rules of engagement, different social expectations, and different long term / short term memory standards.  Each has a different cadence, stress valves, and damage control systems. The more you look at them, the more different they are.

They will diverge, then converge.

Neither can be in focus at the same time – they can only be contrasted.  Seeing the forest and the trees together effectively encrypts data, causes misinterpretation of important features, and loses track of causation.  Ironically, clarity is most often achieved by old school face-to-face encounters.  That’s no secret.

Money happens because people happen, not the other way around

The great opportunity for the all modes of transportation, tourism, recreation, entertainment, lodging, and every “experience enterprise” from Starbucks to Whitewater Safari is to provide the fabric for Global Social to integrate with Local Social.

Value is stored, shared, and exchanged by people in close proximity to each other and therefore a great amount of value can be created through the facilitation of strategic face-to-face encounters.  As simple as this may sound, nobody else is doing it because nobody else can.

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