Operation Cosmic Dawn


Constellations Of Knowledge Assets:

The inspiration for this post comes from the April 2014 issue of National Geographic Magazine and the story of Cosmic Dawn; The Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA).  ALMA is a constellation of dozens of separate telescopes working together to cancel cosmic noise so that a clear and focused vision of the deepest darkness of space can emerge.   The clinical term is: Astronomical Interferometer Radio Telescope.  

The analogy to the emergent world of cryptography, alternate currencies, intangible asset valuation, and predictive innovation may not be clear at first glance, even to me.  However, I suspect that the lack of clarity may lie in with insurmountable noise surrounding these new social innovations.  It is simply impossible to see a clear path toward how all the pieces are supposed to fit together.  As a result, the solution to the human condition continues to evade humanity.

Maybe we are going about things incorrectly; instead of creating more noise, we should find ways to cancel out any specific frequency of noise at any given time. Even better, we should be able to “move the sliders” around to focus on a particular signal and separate the noise that surrounds it.

As the open source community continues to develop Curiosumé, we are faced with structural challenges related to how we would induce a completely decentralized community.  For example, Curiosumé could not exist on our servers because that would be too centralized; merely duplicating the function of corporations and government.  On the other hand, Curiosumé cannot simply exist on everyones mobile device, because the noise would amplify rather than be reduced.  Further, computational responsibilities for creating matches and visualizations of the data would be impossible; much like the current state.

Alma 2There needs to be a way to cancel out the noise in the past in order to see the future.  Isn’t that what astronomic telescopes do?  They look into the past to seek clarity of the future.

We are trying to deploy Curiosumé as a WordPress Plug-in of sorts. As such, any WordPress site can become an aggregator of knowledge assets relative to the context of that site and its relative position to other “antennae”.

Each site would pass or filter curiosumé objects for itself, and for others interacting with it.  The resulting combination of sites would measure into existence a vision of a variety of past position, the corresponding dynamic present, and accelerative future of a community.

Therefore; we announce Operation Cosmic Dawn to help build this community knowledge array.  We are seeking developers from all over the world to add to this open source project.  The incentive for the global developer is to become an Aggregator Galaxy in the Constellation of Knowledge Assets.  In other words, you’ll be building your own Ark. Alma 3

 Images courtesy of National Geographic Magazine and Wikipedia.  Please buy the April 14 edition and read up on this amazing telescope project



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