Palinism; It’s About The Ice, Not The Puck

PalinWhat does Sarah Palin tell us about ourselves as a culture, a nation, or as individuals?

No matter whether you like her or not, you can’t help but feel something for her. The Cinderella launch into worldwide stage, full public disclosure of her laundry room, dumped at the altar by the grizzled groom, sent back to Alaska with a scarlet letter (take your pick) tattooed on her forehead. Alas, the epiphany: God speaks to the persecuted one; “Rise Up and serve thy mission!”

The thing that America has in common with Sarah is the time table. All of this happened in 16 months. The same 16 months of time as a new genre of bad news was also thrust upon us: astonishing job losses, crippling deterioration of wealth, unspeakable corruption, and complete disregard for what happens to a family when they a kicked out of their home by the law they elected.

“Too big to fail” means the rest of us are too small to succeed. Then here comes Sarah reminding us of ourselves; so much to blame on others and absolutely nothing that can be done about it. The only thing she has left is the moose horn. Let me tell you, if I had a moose horn like hers, I’d yell into it every day, all day long until someone smarter, stronger, and with less dignity (or nothing more to lose) steals it from me. This says a lot about the people who can’t shut Sarah up.

As president, she would be woefully inadequate, but as a Hockey Mom, she’s quite talented – when everyone else plays with fire, she plays the game of ice. The home team hates her, the opposing team hates her, the coaches conspire against her – nothing she says makes much sense anywhere else except those few seconds of a game long ago played – at least her mission, whatever it may be, is being accomplished.

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