Somewhere it occured to me,
purveyors of myth, rhyme, and charm
cultivate a Paradox Farm.

Everything seen, heard, or said
takes a trip on through the head,
Market value is disturbed
and livestock is a dirty word.

Paradox Farm, Paradox Farm,
don’t be alarmed, it’s only Paradox Farm.

Give an answer then find the clue,
the test of time is nothing new.
We’re petrified by what’s in store,
We’ll pay to shortcut love and war.

But count the money that’s been paid.
Count the difference that’s been made!
Should I try to turn and run,
or is it time to have some fun…

on Paradox Farm, Paradox Farm
Don’t do it any harm, it’s only Paradox Farm.

If I could only have my way.
That’s the dream we all had today.
Resistance on collision course,
we’ll burn the bridge of equal choice.

That seems to be the easy out,
Perhaps the thing we’re all about.
There’s a lesson to be learned
Live, Die, and don’t return

To Paradox, Farm Paradox Farm
Don’t do it any harm it’s only Paradox Farm.

Paradox Farm, Paradox Farm
Don’t be alarmed it’s only Paradox Farm