The Value Game (TVG) introduces a new class of business plans that will help communities to articulate social capital, creative capital, and intellectual capital toward the production of goods and services.  The earliest versions were developed in a international education project in Mexico under NAFTA (1996-1997), and at The Boeing Company (1998-2008).  More recently, Social Flights  deployed TVG in 2009-2011, and CRManage in 2011-2013.

TVG is a multi-agent algorithmic game comprised of a shared asset and a collection of diverse players (agents) in whose individual best interest it is to preserve the asset (sustain play) rather than consume it (game over).   The proper selection of the asset and the proper grouping of the players defines the game incentives and payouts (sources and sinks).  Collaboration yields higher profit than competition.

General Form:

The following video describes an early version of The Value Game beginning with the Airplane Game and then generalizing the idea to include all shared asset communities.  Please note the final slide in the video inrtroduces the genesis of Curiosumé – or the Personal API that would be essential to automate The Value Game as a multi-agent algorithmic game.

 Case Studies:

Slide01The Ingenesist Project has tested The Value Game in several industries ranging from the Aviation industry to the Construction industry.

Aviation; Social Flights

Our first project called Social Flights was a ride sharing system for private aircraft.  The goal was to incentivize the self-organization of communities around available seats in private airplanes that were located anywhere in the US at any particular time. Constraints included weather, crew scheduling, aircraft availability, and daunting FAA/DOT regulations.  Social Flights was acquired in 2011.

 Construction Remediation;

TVG insuranceThe second project was called which organized condominium owners  and their surrounding community (banks, insurance, contractors, HOA, and extended community) around a multi-million Dollar renovation project.  It was set that all players had it in their best interest to converge on a successful project rather than diverge into dysfunction.  CRManage was acquired in 2013. A case study can be found in this article published in an influential Insurance Industry Website.  The Value Game; A New Class of Business Methods for Condominium Reconstruction.

Generalized Value Game:

In a generalized Value Game, each of the players in the game would be replaced by the personas of players using the Curiosumé platform.  Since the personas represent the intentions of a player relative to the shared asset in a digital form, they can then be processed by the WIKiD Tools algorithm in order to arrive at valuation.  As collections of communities interact in value games preserving many assets, the combined value can be aggregated into a single financial instrument such as a community bond which may underwrite the modern community currency.  

Specifications for building The Value Game:

The Value Game Spec UX copy


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