The fastest way to unleash the extraordinary value that is contained in communities of experienced, talented, and motivated people is to provide a substrate for them to trade their knowledge assets among each other.  When people get together around a purpose, they build things that create incredible social value. The Social Value Platform provides an electronic accounting system for social value.  In The Social Value Game, vendors deposit inventory into a strategic community of people and the community creates social value.  This new social value is then converted into monetary revenue in the next economic paradigm called Social Capitalism.

Introducing The Social Value Network:

The social value network is a debit card platform that allows for the trade of social currencies.  Using The Value Game method created by The Ingenesist Project, vendors can place socially valuable inventory into a social game.  The social entrepreneurs leverage that inventory to organize communities to build something together.  Other vendors will insert complementary inventory to drive social value in these increasingly organized communities.  These organized communities take on characteristics of “a virtual corporation” as both consumers and producers of goods and services.

Social Capitalism

The best reason for developing an alternate economy in social currency is to bypass the inefficiency of the monetary system at least temporarily so that true value and true wealth can be created.  Once true value is created, converting it back to a financial currency would be relatively simple.

Social Currencies

Social currencies account for your productivity in a community, not your productivity in a corporation.  Every time a gatekeeper extracts a fee from you, they expend your social value.  Taxes, user fees, ATM fees, convenience fees, commissions, subscriptions to automated services, all destroy social value irrevocably.  Every time someone asks you to fill in a web form, type out a captcha, walk through a full body scanner, or opt out of a privacy invasive application, they are spending your social value and stealing your information, period.  Hackers attack PayPal not you, yet ultimately you are responsible and subsidize their inefficiency with your own.

The Holy Grail of Marketing

Advertisers and vendors have long sought the holy grail of advertising – the ability to speak directly to the community of people who want their product.  Good vendors want to segment themselves from the bad vendors instead of engage in damaging price wars.  Customers want great service and a strong knowledge base of other people who use those products. Countless businesses want to support community activities with additional products or services.

Your Social Enterprise

Social Currencies are a frictionless way to conduct transactions, defeat spammers, hackers, info miners, while also building community doing the things that you love. Your information is valuable and you should have the right to give it away freely, trade it, or even sell it to whomever you choose.  Do you have an impressive social, creative, or professional set of knowledge assets but are bored to tears by employers who don’t care what you are passionate about?    Or, maybe you have just been laid off and over 40.  Have you ever wanted your own business?  Many people may be better off trading social currencies instead of chasing the greenback.