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The Rango Prophesy

When I asked my friend and highly respected Seattle consultant Joe Brewer for advice, he simply says:

“Tell an Epic Story”

Rango is a hapless Chameleon in a classic “fish out of water” tale and unlikely hero who finds himself in a “Dust Bowl” meets “Spaghetti Western” hardship scenario. His only preparation is an active imagination and a lot of luck.

All of the characters are similarly encrusted desert animals doomed to a life of subservience to a central banker in an economy where water is the currency of trade.

The Mayor of the town first appears as an almost spiritual leader who provides his flock with hope that their suffering will soon be relieved on the day when water flows again from the shrine of the Holy Spigot.   The analogy to modern religion is hard to miss.

When Rango arrives and accidentally stumbles upon an act of valor, he is anointed sheriff of the town.  Meanwhile, the mayor is, in fact, the person causing the hardship by secretly constraining the supply of the water so that he can buy up all of the failed farms for commercial real estate development.

Upon providing guidance to the new sheriff, the mayor inadvertently slips that proverbial libertarian battle cry  “whoever controls the water (currency) controls the people.”   This sparks suspicion in Rango, who then ventures off on an adventure with some of the town folk to find out what is happening to the water.

After plenty of twists, turns, predators, mistakes, and a whole lot of ironic/comical symbolism, Rango and his gang finally learn that the mayor simply shut off the valve tapping the Las Vegan water main.  Once Rango’s gang opens the tap, water becomes abundant again and the protagonists meet their appropriate demise (suitable for young viewers).

The metaphor for the real world is a no brainer, for most reading this blog anyway.  Bankers artificially control the currency tumbling communities into bankruptcy, unemployment, and despair.  Meanwhile politicians, corporate interests, and legislators conspire to offer fasle hope to the wallowing masses as each person, one by one, hands over their fortunes and freedoms to the powerful elite.

Of course the plan is foiled when a group of brave citizens form alliances with their previous adversaries acting in unison toward a common goal.  It then becomes readily apparent that an “abundance” of productive currency, such as water, is precisely the solution to ridding desert society of crime and corruption thereby enabling peace for all – not the other way around.

This is the story that I want to tell.

There is a very simple task at hand – find the main line and open the valve.  Human knowledge, like water is constrained behind artificial barriers called “intangible” asset accounting.  To build an accounting system that makes knowledge assets “tangible” will open the floodgates of the most valuable currency civilization has ever known.  Not surprisingly, the protagonists will meet their appropriate demise –  suitable for young viewers, of course.



Banks In The Present

I see a lot of articles asking the question why people are not absolutely livid about what is happening to them. The degree at which their wealth is being transferred away from them and the debt being shod on their grandchildren is astonishing. I saw LA burn for a whole lot less after the Rodney King affair and this crisis does not even foment a decent March on Washington like the good old Reagan days.

It would clearly be in the best interest of stock market capitalists to keep the majority of people poor, weak, and disorganized. Below a certain economic threshold, people simply fail to organize – they are too busy trying to feed their families by working harder. This is where they want to keep us…but will it work?

Why Are Leaders Failing?

bad-leadership-causes-failed-itPeople look for leaders that inspire them to achieve innovative breakthroughs. People trust, or so we think, CEO’s to effectively lead their organizations so that employees can continue to get paid.

The confidence in leadership is waning and a new “leadership” is emerging. The new leadership is from and by the people. The reason for a shift in leadership is as follows:

1. Politicians have failed us with self interest and politics as usual. Usual no longer works for the people

2. CEO’s and management have failed to listen to the markets of conversations

3. Greed is out, efficiency is in and the old market is not adapt at “lean, mean and fast”

4. The people has lost trust in media, politicians and old management schemes

5. Advertising and marketing methods of the past are dead. 96% of the online ads get no responses. A rate of 3% at best is the return on direct mail, coupons and broadcast ads.

6. The market is no longer listening to the old market rather the market is listening to the people

7. People have been empowered and engaged to create their own markets and they follow a new kind of market leader. A leader who enables them to learn, grow and share with others whom have an affinity to their interest and beliefs.

8. New leaders are now  conversing with their own audience and there are many of them.  There are also a few leaders who are enabling many to engage, converse and build our own audience.

9. Conversations have never been so fluid, so reaching and so powerful.  The irony is that the power of speech has always been and will always be disruptive. History proves it so but we are in an era of making history that reinvents itself daily from the conversations.

10. Old leaders either adapt very quickly or die. The old game is over and the longer you try and play it the more it will cost the market, your investors and the people whom supply the market with commerce, the people.

Admit It, You are Out of Touch And Blinded By The Past

For politicians and corporate leaders the downfall of your empires is directly related to markets changing and you denying the change. If you haven’t noticed markets are now transparent. There is nothing you do that the market won’t notice and freely comment on, good, bad and indifferent. When you do good the market with follow you. When you do bad or do the same thing the market will leave you. Unless you recognize this shift your dead in the water.

Time is your enemy and denial is your your deathbed.  Being dead in the water means the next wave will topple your boat because its force is too big, too large and you can’t move fast enough to navigate around or over it.

Then again you may simply not have time or attention to even recognize that it just may be true and real.  In that case, move over for the new leader to replace you sooner than later.  Leaders are failing because they fail to change and fail to listen. Sorry for being so frank but I don’t have time to be politically correct. Get it?

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