Wiktionary Definition Intrinsic

The Ingenesist Project is excited to announce the launch of a new class of cryptocurrencies with the defining characteristic of storing and exchanging value intrinsically, i.e., within itself.  

Intrinsecus is a Blockchain 3.0 platform that combines Curiosumé with the Bitshares blockchain ecosystem to form a class of cryptocurrencies representing the intrinsic value of human productivity – the intrinsic merit of an action.   Simply put, Curiosumé converts a résumé to cryptography to create “smart keys” that can interact with “smart contracts” on a Bitshares “smart blockchain”. 

Recent experiments with Blockchain technology have demonstrated the difficulty in representing physical assets with virtual assets, leading to an enduring liquidity crisis in cryptocurrencies.  Intrinsecus solves this problem with a currency that directly represents and immediately decentralizes human productivity prior to the centralization effect of banks and corporations.  

From decentralizing “human resources” to putting a toll booth on “big data” to hedging human debt instruments, the implications of an intrinsic cryptocurrency are sweeping and vast.

The Intrinsecus team is comprised of multi-disciplinary visionaries from Engineering, Insurance, Banking, Philanthropy, and Blockchain Development industries.

The Ingenesist Project will be available for limited media inquiries pending further details of a crowd funding program.  Please use the contact form on this site for quickest response.


17:00 Curiosumé, Fintech Seattle:  https://youtu.be/m_-JkUI5ATE

29:00 Bitshares User Issued Assets https://youtu.be/yzruOULgmng