moneyhappiness_vl-vertical-223x300USocial is now going after YouTube. These clever guy and gals have figured out a way to bypass the democracy of social media to bring is a new form of merchant class capitalism…SUPER SPAM.  For a small fee, you can get your message to the head of the line – in effect pushing the rest backwards.  Presumably for a bigger fee, you can get ahead of those who paid a smaller fee, and so forth.

Once the bastion of lobbyists and special interest groups, anyone with a few bucks can now pull themselves up the ladder by pushing other people down the ladder.  Once the domain of high powered PR firms and Marketing agents; just a few dollars cast among the USocial Gods delivers those long elusive eyeballs of the old radio/TV marketing paradigm.

Watch this one carefully kids.  Social Media has long proven uncontainable.  Saying that you can beat  social media at its own game is like saying you can repair a credit score.  Like a credit score, you can do more damage than good trying to steal what does not belong to you in an effort to boost your income.

Those eyeballs, those followers, and those “friends” do not belong to USocial and are therefore not theirs to sell.    They belong to you and I and we control them – or we don’t play.  If USocial keeps their client list secret, this would be the capital offense in social media space.

For every new spamming technology, there is a new friction introduced to the Internet market.  Captcha’s and Askimet are a necessary barrier to unfettered abuse by the lesser “USocials” who seek to game the system.  A new friction will be introduced to push back against the tide of USocial and their inevitable copycats.

Unfortunately, every new friction to a market introduces inefficiency to the market.  If the Market becomes too inefficient, a new market will form.  This is how social media arose, and this is how the successor to over-spammed applications will arise.

So bring it on USocial – Kill Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.  Squander the trust, value, and full disclosure that each and everyone of brings to the table of social media and it’s emerging “Productivity market”.  Go ahead and push yourself in front of the people who I help to get ahead and who help me to get ahead.  Send more Press Releases telling everyone how cool you think you are by pissing on the parade.  Go make a lot of money from advertisers so we can all move along to the next  economic paradigm.  If you were smart, you would be moving on with us before you even get started.