Bankers don’t care about money, they care about the rate of change of money. At The Ingenesist Project we are not entirely interested in change – we are entirely interested in the rate at which things change. As you can imagine, we get all giddy when we see the rate at which the rate of things change…that’s all that banking is and all that banking ever will be.

Each of the Facebook Applications posted below are to Facebook what The NYSE is to Commercial Banking. Note that Facebook is growing at an astonishing rate. Now, these applications – on top of Facebook – will increase the rate of change of the rate of change in how people communicate, transact, organize, and deliver conversation.

You are hearing it here; these innovations are the most significant disruption that Wall Street can’t possibly imagine. Money is a social agreement and these are the banks of the future. Although many come from the gaming industry, many games are modeled after the real world, therefore, transition back to the real world is not as difficult as one may think. If people are willing to trade it, it becomes money. This is serious business. While many of these new innovations are on the right track – not all of them will survive.

Here is what the future of Banking looks like:

The Old Way:

Entrepreneurs assume that they have the knowledge to execute a business objective and they go to the bank to borrow the money.

The New Way:

Entrepreneurs assume they have the money to execute a business objective and they go to the bank to borrow the knowledge.

Now ask yourself, on that basis, which of the following will be successful?:

GratisPay is a leading virtual currency monetization solution for social applications and online games.


Zong is a leading provider of mobile payments serving the digital content, social media, and gaming industries.


Surfpin is a leading provider of mobile and landline payments for game and application developers.

offerpal media

Offerpal Media is a leading managed offer network for social applications and online merchants.

Dizzy Networks is a new ad network focused on monetizing Facebook application inventory.

Firecue helps developers monetize through virtual currency with free surveys and advertising offers.


Super Rewards is a leading monetization solution for applications and games running on social networks like Facebook.

Fatfoogoo offers scalable monetization solutions to developers of casual games, virtual worlds, and social networks.


AdParlor is a leading advertising network designed specifically for social networking sites.

Fan Appz helps businesses, celebrities, and brands grow and engage their fan base on Facebook.