Can Communities Curate Themselves?

The transportation industry encompasses all modes of travel, including air, rail, road, and water.  But if we take a more practical look, transportation systems simply collect randomized objects and sort them into collections of similar objects.  The transportation system then moves those collections to some other location and curates them back into randomized collections at the destination.

Now, let’s really tell the truth

Look at transportation again; something is removed from the hands of one person and placed into the hands another person. That’s it, everything else is sorting, moving, and curating.  An airport, connecting hub, baggage claim, destination terminal, parking garage, taxi pick-up, hotel shuttle are all in place to sort and curate packets of humans.  Multiple stations means multiple sorting or multiple curating.  People standing in line are just waiting to be sorted and curated – only to wind up scrambled.

What if the packages could sort themselves?

A nice bacon quiche for the holidays

What if people could sort themselves into the right collection already curated for their destination?  They could then be transported directly without the massive infrastructure of sorting hubs, stations, interstate highways, and rental cars.  Social media applications are tremendously powerful tools that are only now becoming sophisticated enough for people to sort and curate themselves.

Often, people like to think that scheduled airline flights are convenient and they are willing to get in line to be sorted. But at the end of the day, the same people are going to the same locations.  If the entire airline system were self-sorting, then the proper sized aircraft could be deployed to the proper sized market instead of artificially constraining supply and demand to meet the size of the airplane.  In fact, scheduling will improve without the friction of institutional sorting of people and planes.

Space, the final frontier

Social Flights is pioneering the concept that people can self-organize around their own communities and municipal airports without the need for hub terminals.

Social Flights is pioneering the concept that airplane operators can self-organize to bring the right airplane with the right performance characteristics to the right market flying point-to-point without the massive capital investment in infrastructure, gate contracts, and market scarcity.

Social Flights is pioneering the concept that communities can self-organize to accept travelers at the destination with their own businesses and services without the massive Wall Street fueled invasion of national hotels and portfolio managed services.

Collaborative Communities

Social flights is built on The Value Game where communities of people collaborate to share an asset.  Community transportation is an asset that people can gather around, that they can own, and that they can sort, curate, and create profit for themselves.  Join Social Flights in this important new mission.  Call us to see how we can help you, your travel tribe, or your destination community arrive at a common and lasting goal without subjecting yourself to the “sorting machine”

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    1. Thanks for the comment. In the US we have these Zip Cars that people pay 8 dollars per hour so they don’t have to own a car – and they can shop fast because the clock is ticking. I tend to wonder why a person needs to leave a location in the same zip car that they arrived in. If there are enough cars deployed, there should statistically always be one nearby. That would eliminate the need for a taxi altogether. This, of course, would certainly depend on the advances mobile communications that you suggest. Thanks again

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