“We are the Engineers. We keep the lights on, not Bitcoin.” -DR

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The Ingenesist Project

Our core belief is that Engineers and Scientists can solve the sustainability challenges that face civilization on Earth. But STEMs must be allowed to organize, prioritize, and execute the necessary solutions outside of the silos that currently contain them. They must also be compensated for their work. If Bitcoin can print money from nothing, then STEMS can print money from something.

Money must represent human productivity – this is the domain of STEM Professions

It is estimated that 80% of economic growth can be attributed to technological change. This is largely the domain of the STEM professions. However, STEM professionals are separated from each other by every manner of institution that has little to do with the Natural Laws. Rather, STEMs are classified as “intangibles” on the global balance sheet. The Ingenesist Project converts these intangible assets into tangibles assets suitable for the storage, trade, and exchange of value. Instead of extracting this value from the person or the planet, we leave it where it is.

Building a better Bitcoin

It’s time to build a cryptocurrency that represents real and sustainable economic growth. One objective of the The Ingenesist Project is to build a better Bitcoin. One which is formed by nurturing the intrinsic value of our people and planet. We specify a representative asset that is mined from real solutions to real problems, not from artificial solutions to artificial problems. This new crypto will unite communities around common and necessary causes rather than polarizing them around wedge issues. This is the only practical foundation from which any form of balanced budget can arise.

The purpose of a network is to find each other.

The Ingenesist Project celebrates over a decade of online presence representing more than 2 decades of research and the collaboration by more than 120 researchers, engineers, and scientists from some of the most important corporations and institutions in the world. Our goal is to unify global engineering and scientific communities.  

The Simple Flaw:

The invention of the wheel, wedge, and lever came long before the invention of international trade agreements. As such, technological change must always precede economic growth. We are going about the business of civilization as if economic growth somehow precedes technological change – we’ve gotten it backwards. The Ingenesist Project only needs to introduce a correction factor – there is no need to destroy and replace much of what already works well.

This simple flaw may be responsible for a great deal of global systemic risk at the root of the World’s most pressing needs. The Innovation Bank uses blockchain technology, game theory, and actuarial math to measure the true economic contribution of engineers and scientists into clear and tangible focus. The result is a supplemental and complementary monetary system better suited to addressing global challenges.

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